fencing to protect your property from ticksfencing to protect your property from ticks

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fencing to protect your property from ticks

Each year, tick awareness is increased. With the spread of Lymes disease and the increasing number of other diseases that these little insects spread, people are doing more to put a stop to the ticks from invading their outdoor living areas. If you have deer that are constantly passing through your property, you could have an increased number of ticks infesting your lawn. This was an issue that I was having. After having a fence installed to keep the deer out of my yard, I have seen far fewer ticks and have not picked one off of myself or my kids. Find out more about protecting your property from ticks by installing fencing by going to my website.


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Wooden Fences: Real Or Composite?

Any homeowner looking to buy a new fence for their property needs to decide if they can handle real wood. A large majority of fencing materials have some sort of wood style. That is, even products that have no wood in them at all have some wood style. For example, there are PVC fences that have wooden prints, with detailed multicolored finishes and muted textures that feel kind of like real wood. Similarly, there are solid white vinyl fences that have wood grain textures. Obviously, some of these synthetic materials do look more like real wood than others.

So homeowners need to decide if they want a product that looks like wood but needs less maintenance, or if they want real wood despite the fact that it needs more maintenance.

Composite Wood Fences

The weird thing about composite wood fences is that they are made up of wood particles, but you actually cannot see any of the wood. That is, the wood composite is really just inside the core. The outer shell of the fence is a vinyl or fiberglass cap that covers the wood. Nonetheless, the composite wood fencing products do result in a weight and feel that is comparable to real wood.

Since it is easy to see that composite wood products aren't quite as beautiful as real wood, it begs the question, "why don't you just install a real wood fence?" It all comes down to maintenance and the lifespan of the fence. A fence is a very vulnerable structure. It gets wet all the time (maybe every day), it endures pressure from swinging and slamming gates, it gets no shade from the sun, and it is often set in soil. All of these things can affect the integrity of your fence material. A material like wood is vulnerable to moisture damage, swelling, warping, and termites, so it is going to be very vulnerable in pretty much any climate.

Many people sacrifice a little bit of style in order to enjoy the dependability of a composite product. Most composites are completely water-resistant. They also have fade-resistant prints that stay true to their original color. The time and money you save with a composite fence material could represent some significant savings.

Composite wood fences are just easier to own. There are so many different styles and colors that you should have no issue finding something that fits with your home.

For more information about buying a new fence, contact a company like Rainier Fencing & Decking.