fencing to protect your property from ticksfencing to protect your property from ticks

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fencing to protect your property from ticks

Each year, tick awareness is increased. With the spread of Lymes disease and the increasing number of other diseases that these little insects spread, people are doing more to put a stop to the ticks from invading their outdoor living areas. If you have deer that are constantly passing through your property, you could have an increased number of ticks infesting your lawn. This was an issue that I was having. After having a fence installed to keep the deer out of my yard, I have seen far fewer ticks and have not picked one off of myself or my kids. Find out more about protecting your property from ticks by installing fencing by going to my website.


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Four Tips To Help You With The Maintenance And Upkeep Of Your Cedar Fencing

One of the most attractive types of fencing you can have installed for your home is cedar fencing. It is an affordable solution for an attractive fence, but it also requires a lot of maintenance. The maintenance that your fence will need includes cleaning, sealing and the occasional repair. If you want to get more life out of your cedar fence, here are some tips that will help you with the upkeep of your cedar fence:

1. Cleaning Your Fence To Remove Stains And Fungus

Your fence may eventually get a lot of dirt and debris on it. Cedar is naturally resistant to fungus, but dirt can create a place for it to grow and damage your fence. This is why it is important to keep your fence clean and free of dirt. You may also want to occasionally pressure wash your fence to remove any stains and keep it looking like new.

2. Regular Staining Of Your Fence To Keep A Good Protective Seal

In addition to cleaning your fence, a coat of stain will also help to protect your fence. This is something that should be done regularly just like exterior painting. Before you stain your fence, it is a good idea to pressure wash it to apply the stain to a clean surface. Regularly applying a coat of sealant to your fence can help you get a lot more life out of it.

3. Repairing And Replacing Pickets And Boards In Your Cedar Fencing

Almost every wood fence is eventually going to need small repairs. These repairs will be things like replacing boards and pickets begin to rot. When you build your fence, it is a good idea to by some extra materials for these repairs. This will ensure that the pickets match, as well as the color of the wood.

4. Replacement To Gates That Get A Lot Of Wear

The gates can also become worn, and need to be repaired or replaced. This is usually due to areas where there is a lot of wear on the fence from opening and closing gates. To reduce these problems, you can have a tension cable added to gates. This will allow you to adjust the gate as it settles and becomes worn.

These are some tips that can help you with the maintenance of your cedar fence. If you need help with the installation or cedar wood fence repair, contact a cedar-fencing contractor to get the help you need keeping a beautiful fence around your home.