fencing to protect your property from ticksfencing to protect your property from ticks

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fencing to protect your property from ticks

Each year, tick awareness is increased. With the spread of Lymes disease and the increasing number of other diseases that these little insects spread, people are doing more to put a stop to the ticks from invading their outdoor living areas. If you have deer that are constantly passing through your property, you could have an increased number of ticks infesting your lawn. This was an issue that I was having. After having a fence installed to keep the deer out of my yard, I have seen far fewer ticks and have not picked one off of myself or my kids. Find out more about protecting your property from ticks by installing fencing by going to my website.


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Own A Restaurant With Outdoor Dining? 3 Fencing Options To Put Around It

If you have a restaurant that has an outdoor dining area, you should consider putting a fence around it. There are many types you can choose from, which are listed below. This should help you make the best-informed decision of what is best for your restaurant.

Movable Fencing

If you do not already have it, put some fencing all the way around the outside dining area. A moveable fence may work best for you. This type of fence lets you move it in any design that you need. It is connected in pieces, so you can disconnect and then reconnect them in any way you need. For example, if you need to make a smaller outside dining area for a party, simply move your fence in and take out some of the pieces, or if you need a larger area for a large group, move the fence out further.

Put a wide gate on the fence so a group of people can enter at the same time. They make gates that electronically open and close, or you can use manual gates. You can purchase movable fences from most gate companies. They can help you get everything set up, as well as help you choose the best materials, such as steel, aluminum, and more.

Picket Fence

To give your outside dining area a cottage feel, use a picket fence. Stain and/or paint it to match the décor of your restaurant. You could put a short picket fence around the edges, or use one that is taller. Your guests could still see through the fence, but it also provides them with a little privacy.

To dress up the fence, hang some hanging baskets of flowers around it, or plant some ivy that will cascade over the side of it.

Wrought Iron and Stone Fence

Alternate wrought iron panels with stone columns to give your outside dining area some elegance. Place some potted plants on top of the stone pillars in clay pots. Talk with the fencing company, who may be able to build the stone pillars for you. If not, contact a landscaper who should be able to do this work for you.

Have the fencing company come to your restaurant before you purchase a fence. They can be very helpful in choosing a fence, and the best place to place it on your property, if you are setting up a new dining area.

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