fencing to protect your property from ticksfencing to protect your property from ticks

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fencing to protect your property from ticks

Each year, tick awareness is increased. With the spread of Lymes disease and the increasing number of other diseases that these little insects spread, people are doing more to put a stop to the ticks from invading their outdoor living areas. If you have deer that are constantly passing through your property, you could have an increased number of ticks infesting your lawn. This was an issue that I was having. After having a fence installed to keep the deer out of my yard, I have seen far fewer ticks and have not picked one off of myself or my kids. Find out more about protecting your property from ticks by installing fencing by going to my website.


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5 Extra Costs To Expect When Getting A New Fence Installed

Getting a new fence installed around your property can be a great way to add privacy or even increase property value, but it can also be an expensive project to undertake. If you want to be confident that your new fence is installed without any extra costs than needed, it's important that you don't rush into making your purchase without the proper research. By getting familiar with the following extra costs, you can be sure that there won't be any surprises when it comes time to pay for the fence.

Fence Removal

If you have an older fence or one that's been damaged and needs to be hauled away, you need to keep this in mind when comparing the prices of new fences. In fact, most businesses will charge extra for fence removal and especially so if they need to haul it away. The actual costs will depend greatly on the amount of fencing you need removed and the material.


With the high cost of getting a new fence installed around your home, it's important that you do your best to protect this investment. A good way to do so is by choosing a fencing company that offers good warranties for their work. While some businesses include the warranty in their initial quote, you'll want to ask about if it's included and if there are any extras at an additional cost.

Additional Height

Whether your main concern is privacy or appearance, you'll need to ask about the height of fencing the business typically installs. While you may find only fencing at four feet tall, you may desire something a bit taller and will need to pay more for it.

Staining or Painting

If the natural look of a wooden fence doesn't match the rest of your landscaping, you may want to ask about the additional services of getting the fence stained or painted. These services can cost more, but will make a big difference in the look of the fence. Asking about these costs will help ensure that you'll be happy with the final look and won't overpay as well.


Having a gated entrance to the fence accessible from the front of your home can be so helpful, but it's important to keep in mind that it will likely cost extra. By asking about the costs and design options for gates, you can choose a style that works well with your fence. Contact professionals, such as those from Heartland Deck and Fence, for further assistance.

Taking the time to look into what costs are involved with getting a new fence installed can help ensure that you're prepared.